Friday, July 22, 2011


Thank goodness it's Friday?! Ah, who am I kidding, Friday's mean nothing to me because I work on Saturdays!! Boo. I am seriously hoping that changes very soon! I applied for a different position at work on July 1st, and am hoping to find out if I got it soon! The hiring process usually takes forever. The wait is unbearable because my current position is becoming increasingly more stressful by the day!

Although my weekends aren't actually weekends anymore, the future hubs and I have some exciting plans for the next few days!! I'm not sure yet what order we'll do these in but either tonight or tomorrow we are planning to go to the Columbus Jazz & Rib Fest... Great food, good music, fresh squeezed lemonade, funnel cakes (my only reason for wanting to go), and not to mention the awesome people-watching!! We also plan to go see Friends With Benefits because who doesn't love a little bit of JT and Mila Kunis in their lives?!

On Sunday I fully intend to drag matt to Crate & Barrel to finally register for wedding gifts! Maybe I can convince him to go to Restoration Hardware too since it's right across the way!! :)

Last weekend went to my friend Kelli's wedding and we had a great tome! She looked beautiful and I am so happy that she's finally a missus!! Pics to come soon!! The day went off without a hitch! It definitely makes me excited for out big day!! Also, I was FINALLY able to ask my good friend Emily, to be a bridesmaid in our wedding! The only times we had seen eachother recently was when we were celebrating/bridal showering Kelli for her wedding so I asked her to lunch and to do a little shopping and gave her the card I made her! So happy she said yes!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sweet Summertime!

I am pretty sure wayy too much has happened since my last blog update! Let's see how blogging from the iPhone works out for me today!

First off, HAPPY SUMMER!!! I, for one, have been enjoying my summer to the fullest - so who really cares if I have to work on Saturdays?! :(

I've been relaxing at the pool on my days off which is very nice! The one good thing about having Thursday's off is that The pool is usually completely empty!! I usually try to squeeze in some Mandy/Shai time on Thursday's as well and always have to stop by my mom's house to see my baby nephew Tyler!! Matt and I took him to out pool - Tyler's first time- last Sunday and he l-o-v-e LOVED it!!

We have been spending our time with friends and family and of course working. Matt has had his busiest summer yet and can't seem to stay caught up! We had a great time at Matt's parents 4th of July party and his parents allowed my niece and I to pass out candy on the back of their golf cart doing the parade in their neighborhood! Of course Shai had a blast!!

My summer has been consumed with all things wedding, and not just for my own!! My great friend, Kelli is getting married in three short days so we have had bridal showers and bachelorette parties! All of which were a blast!! Matt's brother, Mike, is also getting married on July 30th and we went to a beautiful couples shower for him and his fiancé!

We've continued with the planning of our wedding as well which is most exciting of all!!! We found our cake baker. She is A-MAZING!! Her name is Anita Kline and she works out of her home. We heard of her by word of mouth, several of our friends hired her to make their cakes as well an suggested we at least go to a cake tasting at her house. Soo we went. Not only are her cakes amazing, she is the nicest woman on the planet! We are absolutely thrilled to be worthy with her and are that much more excited about our big day!

Another piece of exciting news, you say? Wedding dress! It is purchased and hanging up at the Dickson's house! I tried it on for Matt's sister, cousin, and his younger brother's girlfriend and I'll try it on for anyone else who asks! :) oh, I also took my friend Chelsea over an showed her as well since she had never seen it!! I am still so in love with it and can hardly stand to wait nine and a half more months to wear it for real!!!

Next on our fun-filled agenda will be to register for gifts (I have a new love: Crate & Barrel), seriously that store is amazing. Who knew they had furniture? Anyone want to buy me a new couch?! After that we really need to buckle down and start searching for DJ's and florists (still dreading this) and finally, we have our engagement pictures on August 15th! I assume someone from our venue will be getting in contact at some point to discuss food tastings though I haven't heard from anyone yet. Is it weird that this makes me nervous? Also, I need opinions on taking Matthew o the florist appointments or not. Would you force your fiancé to go? Who knows, he might actually want to go!!