Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grey is out... Champagne is in...

I've been a busy bee over the past week!

Last week I had TWO appointments with florists. Both went well. Still waiting on a quote from one of the people I met with and I have another appointment next Thursday with my third (and hopefully last) florist. Both florists I met last week had awesome ideas - and ideas that were similar to each other! I hope they were able to see as much of my vision as possible with the information I gave them!!

In addition to visiting with florists I met with The Venue today! It was my first face to face meeting with Molly, one of the event coordinators at the Venue. She was really nice, and very thorough!! I am so thankful my FMIL was able to come with me to this meeting! She picked me up and off we went. As we were driving I realized I had completely forgotten to bring along my wedding binder and a pen. Ok, ok... I'm sure I have a pen somewhere at the bottom of my purse, but that's beside the point. Thankfully, Jody remembered a pen. I'm blaming my sudden increase in forgetfulness on the fact that five minutes before I left my house I fell down the stairs. And I'm not talking about just a couple of stairs. I'm talking about I got down the first 3 steps alright and then I fell. Hard. I blame the falling down the stairs on my over loaded basket of laundry I was carrying. See? None of this is my fault. Molly gave us a ton of information and Jody took wonderful notes! It was an awesome first meeting! Looking forward to the tasting at the end of the year!!!

After the meeting at The Venue, we decided we would take my dress into a few tux shops just to match it up with some of the tux/suit colors I had in mind. I completely forgot that because my dress is not white, the guys will not be able to wear white shirts under their suits! My original plan for the guys was to obviously have them in black tuxes because my girls were going to be in grey dresses! Perfect, right? Wrong!! I think the black tuxes will be too harsh for a spring wedding. Plus, our venue is so rustic and casual the guys would look out of place in a classic black tux. next thought was that they guys AND the girls would both be in grey. I LOVED this idea and my FSIL, Marie, thought that it would look really nice if the shades of grey weren't exactly the same. It would have been pretty impossible to match up the tux with the BM dress anyway. After having gone to Men's Wearhouse today I have decided, officially, that grey is out. Yep. My wedding colors are no longer, grey & green & cream! We found this awesome suit (see photo below) on the Men's Wearhouse site and I immediately fell in love.
As it turns out, this item is on clearance and they don't have enough for nine, yes I said nine groomsmen! Bummer man, he delivers. We did find another spiffy looking suit that would go well with our new color scheme, but it was rather pricey. We decided to keep looking. We stopped by a tux shop near home and found just what we were looking for!! It's a 3 piece suit (Matt says a vest is a must) for a GREAT price! It's very similar in color to the clearance suit from Men's Wearhouse and will look fabulous with my dress and a champagne colored BM dress!!

So there you have it, our new wedding colors are champagne & cream & green (&taupe)!!! I'm glad I have this decision locked down and can focus on actually finding those darn BM dresses! Now if I could actually get some of the BM's together to go shopping ;o)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Engagement Pics in T- 3 Days!

Although my checklist says we're right on time for engagement pictures, I can't help feeling a little behind! Maybe it's because we've been engaged since JANUARY!! Or maybe it's because I had originally thought we'd get these done at the beginning of the summer. I'm not sure where the time went, but summer is almost over!

Our engagement pictures are scheduled for Monday at 6:30 pm!! I am excited, and nervous! I need to brush up on my modeling skills. ;o) Here is one shirt I may wear for the pics.

I also have a red polka dotted dress I am for sure wearing, but I cannot find a picture of it online anywhere!! My photographer says normally people bring 2 outfits. Our pics will be taken at a park in Columbus called Goodale Park, and in the Short North where they have some really fun, old looking shops and businesses! Here are some pictures of the park and Short North!

I am also hoping our photographer won't mind helping us with some pics for our Save-the-dates! My FSIL found a really cute idea on Pinterest! Here's a sneak peek!!

I cannot wait to send them out!

Ok... Last pic in this post, I promise!!!

Yay! We're getting closer!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wedding Coordinator: Check!

So we decided it would be beneficial to hire a wedding coordinator for our wedding and my future mother-in-law knew of an awesome coordinator for our big day. We met with her last week and after answering TONS of questions and gathering TONS of information (not to mention she did a wonderful job at my future sister-in-law's wedding) we decided she was the right fit for us! :) It's nice to know we won't have to worry about much (aside from the dreaded fear of tripping and falling while walking down the aisle) on our wedding day!!

I have a new list of "to-do's,"and have already started tackling some of the items on the list. Apparently wedding day transportation books FAST (who knew?)- so one of our main concerns is finding a vehicle large enough to transport NINETEEN people to take pictures before the ceremony and get us from the church to the Venue! We're getting quotes for a limo coach, or limo bus for our bridal party. We are also considering some sort of vintage car to drive me and my new hubby from the church to the Venue or from the Venue to our hotel at the end of the night! So many decisions to make in apparently so little time! What to do, what to do?! We also need to figure out how much time we'll need for pictures before our ceremony, and what's an appropriate amount of time for our guests to wait after the ceremony for our cocktail hour to begin. ...Have I mentioned how happy I am right now to have a wedding coordinator to ask these types of questions?!

I also left my future hubs in charge of planning our honeymoon. I'm slowly trying to convince him that we should go ahead and take it right after the wedding. :) He may need a little help remembering he's in charge of this task.

On my day off I finally began scheduling some appointments with florists. So proud of myself. I scheduled two appointments with florists who my friends have used in the past, and our wedding coordinator also gave us some ideas of people who she's worked with so I am planning on calling a few of them this week as well. Matthew was happy to know I made appointments for times when he would surely be at work so he wouldn't have to succumb to the boredom of sitting at a florist listening to my ideas of bouquets and centerpieces!! 

In other wedding events, Matthew's brother got married last weekend! Here are some pictures from their wedding, as well as my friends wedding from mid July!

 Me walking down the aisle at Kelli's wedding! :)
 Kelli and her dad!
 During the ceremony
 Michael patiently awaiting his bride :)
 Me and my future husband! <3
Me with a couple of my favorite girls!!