Saturday, January 7, 2012

4 months to go!!

Our wedding day is quickly approaching!! I honestly cannot wait. Everything is coming together and I'm quickly understanding what everyone meant by "the little things will stress you out..." Here's a short list of the little things I've thought about but haven't actually done anything about yet...

-Programs (everything about them)
-I have to put together my invitations? (forgot about that somewhere along the line)
-Finalizing invitation wording
-When to send out invitations (every check list says something different)
-Ceremony music (I've been putting this off for 6 months)
-After ceremony send off (bubbles/bird seed/rice??)
-What song will I dance to with my dad?
-What's my mom going to wear?
-Bridesmaid shoes
-Dress alterations
-Votives for the tables

Ok... that's enough for now. I have actually completed a couple of things off - we had our food tasting (yum), we're pretty sure we've decided what food we're having we just need to confirm it with the Venue :) We chose tablecloths and napkins. We got to see our venue again, which I love! I absolutely cannot wait to see it set up for OUR wedding.

I have purchased my wedding shoes (unless I change my mind and take them back)!!!! YAY! I'm really excited about them. A little nervous too. I always just assumed I'd wear heels at my wedding but today while shoe shopping I seriously considered flats. Everyone said I needed to choose something comfortable BUT with me being on the short side, and Matthew being on the really tall side I thought heels would be the best choice. And if the get uncomfortable and I want to take them off... I'll take them off! Check 'em out!!!
Cute, right? 

OH! We have our flower girl dresses now as well! They are SO cute and my FMIL found them at TJ MAXX for just $20!! 
One of my flower girls modeling the dress!

Last on my list is to leave you with an image of my sweetie pup. Here you go... :)

The other love of my life :)


  1. So soon! Can't wait! Love the shoes!!!! Check WPC rules...don't think you can use rice. I did bubbles. Putting the invitations together is fun!!! If you visit us...we can knock it out in one night! Or get an assembly line going with red wine. I think 6-8 weeks before is expected for invites. Music was hard for us too. Get on youtube and make Matthew help pick!

  2. Yay for wedding stuff!!!!!! Love the shoes but make sure that they will comfortable enough because if you take them off yours dress with be really long.

    As for invitations we sent them out 3 months before, thats what was recommended if you have lots of traveling guests. I think its still 2 to 2.5 months otherwise because you will need responses in time to confirm your numbers.

    Let me know if you need anything! So excited that its getting so close!

  3. I love this post and I LOVE those shoes! Kel was trying to describe them to me but I'm glad I got to see them! I hope they're comfy. I wore 3" heels for my wedding and it was fine!
    Let me know if you need help assembling invites or designing a program. I made my programs and made some for my friend Ashley, too! I think we sent our invites out 6-8 weeks ahead. It depends on how many people are coming from out of town that will need to make reservations somewhere. We didn't have many of those!