Thursday, April 21, 2011

11 Days

...since my last update? Not bad! I have decided that I am no longer participating in the 30 Day Challenge. Mine was a 16 Day Challenge over the span of 3-40 days. :)

I have LOTS of updates to share with my bloggy friends! Let's start at the beginning...ok it was just last month. WE GOT A NEW CAR! Yay! It was much needed, however not so much wanted. Matt and I were both getting used to the idea of not having a car payment, especially because I really enjoy spending money you know, to save for the wedding. About every 6 months or so my old Dodge Neon would break or something would need to be replaced. This was getting to be really frustrating. And old. And did I mention frustrating? Nothing like spending your entire tax return on your car! So when our 6 month break was up and my transmission (or something) needed fixed (or replaced) we talked, and Matthew researched too much, and we decided to lease a new Nissan Altima. Let me just say, I. LOVE. THIS. CAR. It's so cute and it smells SO good, it's perfect for us and gets AWESOME gas mileage. So perfect I may just try to convince the fiancé to let us keep it after our lease is up!

Next up, wedding season has officially arrived! We traveled to Atlanta a few weeks ago for Matt's friends wedding! I spent the first day and a half alone (and kinda bored to be honest) but, after much begging and pleading, Matt said we could drive our own car so I wouldn't be stuck in our hotel while he was out partying it up with his friends. He wasn't happy about this decision, but I was, which in turn makes him happy too. He said so himself. The wedding was beautiful! I got a lot of ideas for our own wedding and we met so many wonderful people! Next up is one of my really good friend's weddings. I've known Kari since she was 2 and I was 4. I can't believe she's getting married in ONE short week!! Congrats Kari! Can't wait to watch you walk down the aisle! After Kari says "I DO" we have a small break before the next 2 weddings. My friend Kelli and Matt's brother Mike are both getting married in July (not to eachother). Good times. And to think, only 380 more days until my very own wedding! :)

My last update is just a little something...nothing huge.

I BOUGHT MY WEDDING DRESS!!!!!! I went to Alfred Angelo with one of my sisters and two of my friends to try on some dresses and found THE dress. I wanted to make sure my mom got to see me in it to make sure she agreed that it was the one so I made a follow up appointment last week, and yup, she agrees. It's THE dress. I'm SO happy I bought it when I did because it just-so-happened to be on sale!! I also purchased my veil and a headband (very obsessed with said headband). Is it too early to schedule trial hair appointments with my hair stylist/friend, Chelsea?! ;o) THE dress should be in in about 10 weeks. Which puts us at June 25th. Perfect timing for my soon-to-be sister-in-law to come to my first fitting! -- I think that's how it goes anyway, do you do your first fitting as soon as the dress comes in? My consultant at Alfred Angelo, Tess, was awesome. She should get a raise. My sister and  niece came with me to purchase my dress and we couldn't pull Shai away from the flower girl dresses! Tess was so awesome and actually let Shai try on some flower girl dresses, even though we are no where near close to deciding that kind of thing! She got to try on two dresses and got to wear HIGH HEELS for the first time! Check out this pic...
Adorable! I wish my other flower girl was there to try them on as well! I think my mom is getting really excited for our wedding as well. She seems to be interested in what she's going to wear too! Keep in mind, I haven't seen my mom in a dress....ever?! And she's willing to wear one for OUR wedding! Yesss!! She's going to look beautiful in whatever she chooses! Can't wait to start looking around with her!

On a side note, I'd just like to mention how incredibly proud I am of Mr. Matt. Spring is here which means he is VERY busy working. He's been working really hard and has taken on so much new work this year! He has such an amazing work ethic and never quits even when you can tell he's absolutely exhausted! I love that man!



  1. It has been wayyy too long since I have seen you and I need to get updated! This helped but hopefully I will see you this weekend! I cant believe you bought your dress. You will have to show me this weekend :) So excited for you guys... its almost one year away!!

  2. I LOVE this pic of Shai, OMG! How cute :) I want to see your dress and I've heard great things about that headband so I want to see that too!