Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh, I'm a blogger?

...I seemed to have forgotten that in having joined the blogging world...I would need to update my blog on occasion!

I officially suck at the 30 day challenge. Remember that? I was supposed to blog once a day and each day there was a topic to blog about. I ended at Day 7! I should be at Day 22...this post might be a long one!

Day Eight:
A Picture of Something That Makes You Angry/Sad

For this one I can't even post a pic because that would mean I would have to search the internet and this topic makes me so angry/sad...I am disgusted to even have to think about it. The pictures that make me most angry are the ones of abused animals. Anytime those commercials come on with Sarah Mclachlan asking for money for animal abuse, I have to turn the channel. Reason being...I'd probably end up giving all of my money away AND because those pictures devastate me. To think about an innocent animal being abused makes me sick to my stomach. Moving on.

Day Nine:
A Photo You Took
My sweet baby nephew, Tyler, sleeping! :)

Day Ten:
A Photo of You Taken over 10 Years Ago...

I have to skip this one because I don't have any pics of myself that are over 10 years old on my computer!!

Day Eleven:
A Photo Of You Taken Recently
This picture was taken this past weekend at Matt's friends wedding! This was our first wedding as an engaged couple...and to think we only have 3 more (so far) until our own wedding!

Day Twelve:
Something You Are OCD About

One word. Laundry.

Day Thirteen:
A Fictional Book

I am a little confused about this. Does this mean a fictional book that I like? Well let me just tell you...I just finished reading this book called Another Life by Donna Andres. It was good. And scary.

Day Fourteen:
A Non-fictional Book

Again, a little confused. A non-fiction book that I really liked was I Do, Now What? By Bill and Giuliana Rancic. The stories they told about their relationship were really funny and although I am not married (yet) the book includes a lot of helpful information on the subject. Mainly though, it was just funny.

Day Fifteen:
Your Dream House dream house. Here is the link. Think it will still be for sale when/if I can afford it?! Hehe. My Dream House!

Day Sixteen:
A Song That Makes You Cry (Or Nearly)

There are several..however the one that gets me always is Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton. It reminds me of my nephew. RIP DMM. be continued.... after I eat pizza. 

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  1. That songs makes me cry, too :(
    Also - LOVE your dream house! Isn't it fun to dream? Back when I did this 30-day challenge I posted a fun dream house too but it's sold now :(