Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We're Married!!!!!

We're married.... and one moth later I finally update my blog! :)

It has been a busy (and awesome) month. Married life is wonderful... and pretty much exactly the same as not married life - for us anyway!

Our wedding was absolutely perfect! I had an idea in my head of how I thought everything should be and would be.... and everything was one million times better than I could have ever imagined.

I started the day off bright and early - breakfast with Kelli and her husband - Thanks for buying my breakfast, Matt! :) Kel and I went back to my house and waited for our ride to pick us up. I was nervous that I was forgetting things and that my dog was going to be left unattended - thanks for coming to hang out with him Cyle! After we left my house we went to the Worthington Inn to get ready! I was pretty calm and not nervous about this whole wedding thing if I do say so myself! I was a nervous wreck the week leading up to the wedding *sidenote: I was not at all nervous about the marriage, just the wedding so I am very surprised my nerves went away the day before! We had lots of baked goods and snacks - mimosas included - while getting ready. Once all the girls were finished we made sure the guys had finished getting their outdoor pictures taken and we headed out for some bridesmaid pics! The Monday before our wedding I met with our photographer at the Worthington Inn so we could get some ideas for pictures and we really got some great shots! We set up a really cool first look so Matt and I could see each other before the ceremony.

After we finally saw each other the day just went by so fast. We finished bridal party pictures and then walked over to the church for formal family pics. After the pictures we had to go into hiding because it was almost time for the ceremony! Still no nerves! Finally, 4:30 rolled around and it was time for the main event! Everyone made it down the aisle in one piece although my shoe did almost fall off. :0/ Our ceremony was nothing short of perfect! Our Pastor personalized it in a way we never thought possible and finally getting to say our vows and exchange our rings was a dream come true!

The ceremony was short and sweet and before we knew it we were at the Venue ready to party the night away! I love that we got to enjoy cocktail hour with our guests... it was nice to be able to mingle with them right after the ceremony was over so we're definitely very happy that we got all of the formal pictures out of the way before the ceremony! Everything went off without a hitch at the reception and our room was so perfect! The Venue has a rustic/warehouse type of feel but with our tables decorated the way they were it gave it more of a formal feel and was just awesome. We definitely partied the night away... we had such a great time, and we think our guests did as well! I know people say this ALL. THE. TIME, but the day really does go by incredibly fast. Time flies when you're having fun! After the reception we went back to the hotel for a few drinks with our friends before calling it a night.

The day after our wedding we had a very special one year old boy's birthday party to attend. It was great to see lots of family the day after the wedding and hang out with my new sister and brothers AGAIN! We had a great time at Ben's party and then it was back home to pack!

We left early the next morning for our honeymoon in Ft. Myers Beach, Florida. We stayed at the Pink Shell Resort and would definitely recommend it to anyone headed that way! We loved that it wasn't super crowded during the week and wasn't far from dining and shopping. We spent most of our days lounging at the pool or the beach which was amazing! We were definitely due for a vacation! The best part about our honeymoon was our candlelit dinner on the beach. Just the two of us under an umbrella with nothing but the waves and the sunset to bother us. It was truly amazing and something we will never forget!

A week later reality hit and we were back home in Ohio. I feel like my tan faded as soon as I got off the plane! :) It was nice to be home and get settled into married life!

We weren't home for long before we left again. This time for CHICAGO! We went to visit some of our very favorite people! I love that we got to spend an entire weekend with Marie, Joe, and Benjamin. It was super relaxing and nice to be able to spend time with family we don't get to see as often as we'd like! The highlight of our trip was getting to see our nephew Ben take his first steps!!!!!!! I am so happy we were there for that!

Our next trip is about a month away, so excited for a family vacation! Another week of relaxing on the beach... what could be better? But for now, we're just hanging out, working a ton - especially Matthew! I took up cooking - it's still a work in progress. The thing I like least about it is having to go to the store to get things I don't already have, and figuring out what to make!! It's not easy... thank goodness for Pinterest!!

There you have it, my month in a blog post! I'll leave you with some pictures!

Rehearsal Dinner

 The girls with my groom

Me with the guys 

 Waiting for my Soon-to-be-Hubby

First look

Our Vows <3

Reception :)

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