Thursday, November 29, 2012


I'm slowly entering my blog hoping you guys are still here. I haven't made an update since JUNE. Ahh! I feel like a horrible person, but I've been super busy, not to mention now that I have nothing to plan I feel like I have nothing to post! I need to change this way of thinking.

Here's what we've been doing...

June: Weddings
July: Vacation and weddings
August: Wedding
September: Catching our breath
October: Wedding and baby showers
November: Being an aunt and uncle to TWO new babies.

Here's what's coming up...
December: WEDDINGS!

If you haven't caught on, 2012 has been the year of weddings! We have another this coming Saturday and will finish the year with a wedding on New Year's Eve! This year has been incredible and has also gone by so fast! I can't believe we've been married for almost 7 months already. It doesn't seem real. In the coming year we're going to get very serious about becoming home owners so we're in save-every-penny mode right now. We started looking at homes over the summer but we didn't find anything that we really fell in love with and being as indecisive as we are we wouldn't have felt comfortable making an offer on anything we don't love.

Here's the last 6 months in pictures (these are kinda out of order, sorry):

 Here we are with Tyler watching the first OSU game of the season!
 My niece Hailey turned 8!
 We took a cooking class (so much fun)!
 Gracie was born
 Here we are at a wedding
 Alden was born
 The family in HHI
 HHI with my love
 Hanging out with our nephew Benjamin
Last dinner in HHI and it was amazing!

I've also decided that Matthew and I don't take nearly enough pictures SO my goal for next year is to take one picture a day and then I'll make a scrap book of 2013 at the end of the year. I really wish I would have thought to do this from the day we got married, that way we would have had an awesome scrap book of our first year of marriage. Oh well, you live and learn. Won't make that mistake again. 

And in preparation of taking one photo a day, I'm off to play with my new camera so I can get really good at taking pictures of us!

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  1. Yay, you're back!!!! I need to email you the website for that photo course blog :)