Monday, November 25, 2013

Must Have Monday

Today I'm linking up with Lindsey over at the Crafty Practitioner blog for Must Have Monday:

The Crafty Practitioner 
Here are my current must haves: 

I must have these burgundy shoes. Sadly I cannot locate them on the H&M website! 
This 55-300mm zoom lens is on my Amazon Wish List. We'll see if my husband notices :) 

A girl at work turned me on to this Blistex Revive & Restore balm. I just purchased my own from Amazon! 

I want this Northface Crescent Sunset Hoodie because it looks so comfy! This is also on my Amazon wish list ;) 
This cute watch it from VintageLovers2012 Etsy shop and could very well be my Christmas gift to myself! 


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  1. Thanks for linking up!!! I am impressed how well you did on your first link up =) That watch is TO.DIE.FOR. I want it too! I too have been wanting a zoom lens, it is so hard to bite the bullet and get one because they are not cheap!!!