Monday, November 18, 2013

Time flies

How is my sweet girl already 2 weeks old?! I don't understand how time could possibly be going so fast! Although we don't do much during the day, the hours fly by and now the days and weeks are too. :o(

Sadie is 2 weeks old today and I fall more in love every minute I spend with her. I love her sweet little face and I can't stop kissing those soft little cheeks!!

Little Miss likes sleeping on daddy's chest in the recliner and listening to him play the piano (we can't wait for him to learn more kid songs)! She loves sleeping with her hands over her face and going for car rides. She's never phased by loud noises like someone knocking on the door, Teddy's bark, or the hair dryer- but sometimes startles when she makes noises while sucking on her hands :) She likes being rocked in the glider. Although she's not a fan of her sponge baths she absolutely loves having her hair washed (just like mommy)! She very rarely cries and we can pretty easily figure out what's wrong if she is crying.

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  1. Time seriously IS flying! That second pic of her KILLS me, way too cute...her lips and her pose! :)
    Did you get chalk pens? Your chalkboard looks fancy and fun this week!