Saturday, July 13, 2013

23 Weeks

Practicing my Photoshop skills
This week I'm 23 weeks and have only 17 weeks left in my pregnancy! When I think about the remaining time in terms of months, November seems so far away. When I think that I only have 17 weeks left, it seems like a lot less time!! 
How far along? 23 weeks
How big is baby? The Bump says a grapefruit. I feel like the fruits are getting smaller. 
Total weight gain: Fluctuating between 11-12 lbs. I feel okay with this.
Maternity clothes? Yes - I love them. Looking for a cute black dress to wear to a bachelorette party or two in the next few weeks. Let me know if you see anything cute! 
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep:  I'm still sleeping really well. For those who know me, you know I never sleep in. I'm up by 7:30 or 8 at the latest. Yesterday I slept until 9:50. Holy cow!

Best moment this week: Lots more movement the past few nights!  
Miss Anything? Kenny Chesney's new song mentions beer with hints of lime. That makes me miss Pacifico.

Movement: Lots of movement last night and today!
Food cravings: Tiramisu!!! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: NO!
Gender: Baby Girl!!
Labor Signs: Nope!
Symptoms: I still have the pulsing in my ear, but it's less noticeable when I'm out and about. I've also been getting bouts of heartburn, but it's not unbearable.
Belly Button in or out? It's an innie... I give it probably 3-4 more weeks.

Wedding rings on or off? They are still on!
Happy or Moody most of the time:  So happy!!!
Looking forward to:
5 days until our ultrasound! Pending all goes well we'll head to Ikea after that. I'm excited to see my baby again, and to spend the day with my husband! We also have lots of fun events coming up. 2 birthday parties next weekend, 2 bridal showers and a bachelorette party the first weekend in August, another bachelorette party a few weeks later, and a wedding at the end of August! We also have a mini Dickson family vacation planned for the end of August. The next month and a half are going to fly by! 
Here's this weeks bump pic!!

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