Thursday, August 29, 2013

29 Weeks (way late)

I swear I'm not being lazy. I've been really busy and have just this very moment had a chance to post my 29 week update... at 29w5d!

Last weekend we went to Maumee Bay State Park for a mini family vacation. Although I did get home on Saturday evening, I had a rehearsal dinner to attend. Monday I had a dress fitting, Tuesday I took a sewing class, yesterday I had the wedding rehearsal, and now on Thursday I am running errands and trying to relax. T minus 2.5 hours until it's time for my mani/pedi with the bride and maids!

Oh, and did I mention throughout the past 2 weeks I've been trying to pack as much as possible BECAUSE........ we close on our new house on Tuesday!!! This weekend will be spent really packing everything else. I'm so excited, but I have to admit that I get a little sad when I think about leaving our apartment. We've been here for almost 4 years. My walks with Teddy around the complex are limited now. Matt of course thinks I'm crazy for being sad over this! :)

How far along? 29w5d - Oops.
How big is baby? The bump says an acorn squash. I dunno what this is.
Total weigh gain? I'm fluctuating between the 18-20 pound range.
Maternity clothes? Love.
Stretch marks? Nope!
Sleep? Sleep is good. Not waking up a ton to use the bathroom and it's pretty easy for me to fall back to sleep if I do get up to pee.
Best moment this week? This week has just been so busy. Hanging out at Maumee Bay was fun! I think the best moment this week will be seeing Kristin walk down the aisle tomorrow evening! The sewing class was also fun and I'm probably more excited than I should be to buy a sewing machine now!
Miss anything? I kinda miss beer and wine.
Movement? I love feeling and seeing her move around! It's so fun to watch. I just stare at my stomach while laying in bed and am amazed that there's a little person in there!
Food cravings? I'm kind of craving cupcakes!
Anything making you queasy or sick? No!
Gender? Baby girl!
Labor signs? No, but I do think I experienced some braxton hicks on Tuesday while walking Teddy. They weren't at all painful, and I'm still not sure that's what they were. I've heard that you feel pressure sometimes but my stomach just got really really tight.
Symptoms? Nothing really to speak of other than the belly. :)
Belly button in, or out? It pops out depending on my position. It's still an innie if I'm laying down but if I'm sitting or standing it's either flat or popping out a bit.
Wedding rings on or off? On, although on Saturday before I left Maumee Bay my hands did get very swollen which was worrisome for a bit. My rings were on at the time but I wouldn't have been able to get them off had I tried. I also didn't know having swollen hands would be painful. Ouch! Luckily after resting for a bit and drinking some water they were back to normal.
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy!!
Looking forward to? Meeting my babe in 10 weeks or less! Drinking a beer. Celebrating Kristin's wedding tomorrow, Closing and moving next week, a 3D ultrasound on 9/8, and an ultrasound to check on little one's kidney's on 9/9!! <-- Don't judge me for getting 2 ultrasounds in a row. The 3D is for fun for Matt and I. I have a coupon so we're getting a good price and we didn't want to pass up an opportunity to see what this baby looks like now! The MFM has only turned the 3D view on during the kidney appointments once and I'm pretty sure it was because she felt bad that we had to wait forever before being seen, and their machine isn't great at printing the 3D images. 


  1. You are such a cute pregnant girl =) I want to hear about your sewing class. Did you know that I sew (or used to before my machine broke)? I loved it. Where did you take your class at? I would love to take a class too!!!

  2. Yay, I've been waiting for this (as you know)! I love your bump, it's super adorable! I'm also excited for you to get your ultraounds and MOVE into your NEW HOME! :)