Monday, August 19, 2013

Kidney Update

I received a phone call from Children's Hospital today to go over what will happen in the next few months and after Sadie is born.

We won't have to meet with a urologist before she's born, but I spoke with a nurse practitioner today, she was able to answer all of my current questions, and even gave me her direct number in case I had questions come up between now and when we actually do meet with them.

Basically what we'll do is continue to get ultrasounds every few weeks until Sadie is born. We have our next ultrasound with our MFM in 3 weeks. We're going to have them send the ultrasound pictures to Children's because they only sent them a report last time, no pics. They want to make sure her growth and fluid levels are fine from now until birth. One question I forgot to ask was what would happen if for some reason her fluid levels decreased. I can ask that at my next appointment though, I already wrote it down!

We'll call Children's again after Sadie is born and set up an appointment with them for about 2 weeks after her birth. They said that doctor's at other hospitals may like to see babies right away but they expect that a newborn will be dehydrated in the first few days of life, so this isn't going to do any good for us. She'll have an ultrasound and then we'll meet with one of the urologists that day to go over the ultrasound results.

Kelly said that she could have urinary reflux which means that her urine is going backward into her kidney instead of going out or there could be a kink in the tubing which is causing a blockage. In most cases antibiotics can fix the problem and in rare cases surgery might be needed.

We won't know much more than that until she's born so we're just taking things day by day and praying that her fluid levels and growth stays where it's supposed to be! I am relieved that they don't feel it necessary to do anything immediately after birth. I have no birth plan other than to go to the hospital and have a baby and to get at least an hour of skin to skin immediately after birth and nurse within that hour so fingers crossed that nothing interferes with my "birth plan."

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