Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coming out of hibernation...

Hello, my bloggy friends, are you there? Sorry I've been gone so long! I haven't been as busy as I've been stressed! Stressed about work, who me? Never! Hehe.

Here are a few updates on what I've been doing the past few weeks and what's to come...

I went on a spur of the moment wedding dress shopping date w/ my mom and my friend Emily! You can find Em's blog here. I had my eye on a Jim Hjelm dress that I originally saw online at I found a store that carries the dress in Columbus and called to get a little more information about it. The dress is somewhat out of my price range BUT I didn't want to not try it on just in case it was THE dress. :) My mom works most weekends and I really wanted her to be able to see me try on dresses at least once, it was a lazy Saturday, and the salon had an opening, so we went. LOVED the dress. Although it's not not exactly in my budget, I'm not ruling it out. Yet.

Also, we officially booked our reception venue! I'm so relieved this is completed! I feel like at this point we can relax and enjoy being engaged. I'm shocked at how quickly some places book up!! The Venue (that's what our venue is called) is officially booked for every weekend in May of 2012! I'm not really planning on planning anything else for a little while. I'm kinda nervous about picking out colors/flowers - although I have a general idea of the colors I'd like to use - I know nothing about flowers. Thank goodness for google!

I also became a member at the church where we will be married! Worthington Presbyterian Church. Matthew and I decided that when we got engaged we would start going to church on a regular basis so that when we start a family we'll already be in the habit of going (is it wrong to say we'll be in the habit of going to church?). I love that we are getting married in "our" church where we will attend service each Sunday. I love the church because it's beautiful. And I absolutely love the idea of getting married in the same church that M's parents were married in, as well as his sister, Marie, and her husband, Joseph. I think it's sweet. Check out Marie's blog here!

That's what we've been up to the past few weeks. Now I'm just waiting for this winter weather to be over with for good! We have a lot of fun things on our schedule in the next few weeks. This coming weekend I am going to a bridal shower for Missy (M's brothers fiancé), and a baby shower for Marie! I cannot wait to meet Baby W who will be born at the end of May. We're also planning a trip to visit Marie, Joe. and Baby W in Chicago when he/she (he) arrives! Next weekend, we will celebrate the second birthday of Austin. He's my best friend Kristin's, son. So adorable! Our weekends are packed full and I'm looking forward to all of the fun things in store for us!

Matthew is asking if I'm writing a book over here... I think that means it's time to go! :)

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  1. Glad you finally posted again! I had so much fun with you when we went to look at wedding gowns!
    How was it standing up to do your thing at church?!