Saturday, June 8, 2013

18 Weeks and a bump pic... FINALLY!

  This week has been rather uneventful non baby related but I get a 3 day weekend and those are always fantastic. I never want it to end! 

We did go to a wedding last Saturday at the Ohio State House and the bride was absolutely beautiful! They also had Brutus come out and dance for about an hour which was an awesome surprise for the guests!!

How far along? I am 18 weeks today! 
How big is baby? My baby girl is the size of a sweet potato :) 
Total weight gain: Still 8 lbs. Whew. 
Maternity clothes? Yes!! 
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep:  Wonderful. I am feeling super tired when I get up in the mornings though.
Best moment this week: We had our anatomy scan yesterday! This little one is still a girl :) The u/s tech asked if we wanted to know what we were having and we told her that we are thinking it's a girl and she said, "Well... why do you think that??!?!?" which made me think she knew something we didn't but she did confirm we're having a baby girl!
Miss Anything? Nope, not today!
Movement: This little one is moving around as we speak! She also would not hold still for our anatomy scan!
Food cravings: Funnel cake. That just came on today! Oh, and tomatoes and cucumbers.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Thankfully, no.
Gender: Baby Girl Dickson!
Labor Signs: No!
Symptoms: Exhaustion seems to be back in full force. Even more so than it was in first tri, or maybe I was just so nauseous in first tri that I didn't notice being exhausted. Still super emotional, and I've been noticing my back aches a little if I stay in one position for too long.
Belly Button in or out? Innie, I'm scared that it may not be that way for long though. 

Wedding rings on or off? On and loose!
Happy or Moody most of the time:  So happy!
Looking forward to: Enjoying the summer! I hope to get some good pool time in in the next few weeks. We do also have another Level 2 u/s on 7/19 (see below for deets), and I'm really looking forward to Matthew being able to feel Sadie moving around. I think it should be anytime now!! 

At our anatomy scan yesterday the tech said that Sadie's kidney's are dilated. She said they normally see this in baby boys, but not so much in baby girls. She did reassure us that they are still within the normally range though. Also, when the doctor came in to talk to us she told us that Sadie has a cyst on her brain called a Choroid Plexus Cyst. She said she is not at all concerned about this and it's not affecting our baby's growth/development in anyway. These types of cysts form from trapped fluid and are considered "soft signs" or markers for chromosomal abnormalities. The doctor is not concerned about this in our baby because all of our other testing (AFP, NT scan and bloodwork) have all come back absolutely normal so she doesn't see any reason to be concerned. We'll go back in 6 weeks just to check everything out. I was NOT planning on mentioning this to anyone because our doctor made it seem like it was not a big deal and even said that there is a 99.99% chance that everything is fine but I'm doing an update and want to include everything.

The tech also said that Sadie's legs are measuring a week ahead so we're thinking Sadie might be tall like her papa (he's 6'5")! And she told us that little miss is probably weighing in at about 8 ounces!! I didn't really think anything of this at the time, but today I was reading one of my pregnancy apps that baby should be about 5.25oz. Now I'm slightly worried that I'll have a 12 pound baby! Hehe... just kidding... kind of :) 

18 week bump pic
Each and every day I get more and more excited to hold my little girl!! 154 (ish) days and counting! 


  1. Yey! Love the update and pic! Can't wait to meet Sadie in 22 weeks. Ahh!

  2. Oh hi, I'm obsessed with your bump pic! So so cute and I love how the chalkboard turned out :)