Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello emotional roller coaster!

I thought I would share my crazy emotions over the past 24 hours because it's kind of funny.

Last night we went to dinner for my MIL and SIL's birthdays, it was great! We hung out with all of our favorite people,  there was no reason for me to be upset about anything. 

When we got home around 10 I had to park like 6 or 7 spots away from where I normally park. We live in an apartment complex and apparently all of my neighbors decided they all needed 2 cars and since I got home so late my normal spot wasn't available. This isn't a big deal, right? Wrong. I slammed my door and cried the whole 20 feet to my door. 

Next, I realized that my cable box wasn't working properly and my all time favorite show RHONJ wasn't recording. I took a few deep breaths and remembered that Bravo was likely to show it again immediately after the first showing so I went to go record the next showing. But then the remote wasn't working or the box wasn't working... something wasn't working and the channel guide was just frozen on the screen. Bring on some more tears. Matthew had gotten home at this point and calmly said, "Babe it's not that big of a deal, right? I can just reset the box and record the next showing." Well that's not the right thing to say to a pregnant lady who has already been upset twice within 5 minutes. 

So I stomped upstairs and went to get ready for bed. I climb in to bed and roll over to take my prenatal vitamin and half a Unisom (for morning sickness). Well I couldn't find anymore Unisom and remembered earlier in the day that I was going to go to the store to get some more but forgot. So then I cried more. Matt came upstairs and asked why I was upset so I told him that I didn't have anymore Unisom. He's so cute, he said he would go to the store and get me some more. But THEN I found one, hiding right in front of my eyes!! So then I felt stupid. :)

After a good nights sleep I thought today would be a much better day but it was still super emotional. I went to lunch and since I didn't pack I ordered a sandwich from the cafeteria. I asked the cook if I could have a pickle spear and she gave me THREE!! Cue the tears (happy ones this time). Luckily i held those in until I stepped away from the counter so Nancy wouldn't think I was crazy. 

While driving home from work I had a random thought that my house could be on fire (really I thought that Matt could have possibly left in the middle of cooking dinner and burned the house down) and that Teddy could be burning inside the house. Obviously any SANE person would be upset at this thought but this just sent me over the edge. I was crying when I got home (there was no fire by the way). Matt of course has to be home and asked what was wrong... I didn't want him to hate me for me imagining he could have burnt our house down so I just said I missed Teddy really bad. Then I immediately felt bad for saying I missed Teddy and not him. Luckily a few cuddles with my puppy and a kiss from my husband made me feel better. 

To me this is just crazy. I'm a crazy person! I hope all of this emotional stuff goes away or eases up. For now though I leave you with a photo of my perfectly not charred dog. 


  1. Haha. Love it! Been there! I will remind Matthew that its normal:)

  2. Totally normal! At least you're realizing that it's the hormones. Sometimes I would get so upset and Nick would have to remind me "Maybe it's because of the pregnancy, babe!" :)