Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Baby Kicks!

Today I am 18w4d pregnant and felt Sadie kick from the outside for the first time! 

I mentioned to Matthew that she was being pretty active tonight (normally I feel her more during the day) and right at that moment she happened to kick pretty hard. I put my hand on my tummy and pushed down a little and felt her kick again!! I gasped (Matthew hates it when I do this) and immediately grabbed his hand and put it on my tummy. A few seconds later she gave a few hard taps!! 

I'm so excited he finally got to experience this!!!!! I hoped it would be soon but thought it would be closer to 22 weeks or so that he would get to start feeling her moving! 

I also announced that we're having a little lady on Facebook today with this picture: 

 I think it's pretty cute. Would you believe it took me nearly an hour and a half to add that bow to the picture? Photoshop is not easy to use when you've had no training!! 

Off to wait for more baby kicks (and await these storms we're supposed to get). 

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