Thursday, October 3, 2013

34 Weeks

Oops. Late again. Oh well.

This have been busy so it's not my fault. Settling into a house is hard! The good news is that we're making good progress on the nursery and hopefully we can get our room primed and painted in the next week! I'm really looking forward to that! We have someone coming over tomorrow to talk to Matthew about hardwood/laminate in our office area and after that we'll order new carpet for the upstairs. Matthew's uncle came over yesterday to help him put new white baseboards in Sadie's room and it looks awesome! Hubs is currently at the Home Depot buying whatever you're supposed to by to cover nail holes in the trim. He is excited that his uncle was able to teach him how to cut/install said trim and now he can do it himself in the rest of the house...eventually :)

We need to get a closet organizer for this little ladies closet and her closet door put back up. I need to get some frames for her walls and then her room will be good to go! I'll post pics on Saturday when I do my 35 week update. It will be done on Saturday!

I'm sitting here staring at a pile of baby books wondering when the heck I'm going to read them! I'm also washing my first load of baby clothes/blankets/towels. It's more fun than washing grown up stuff. :) We installed the car seat base this evening, and the car seat is by the door ready to go. I got some stuff for my hospital bag and am in the process of packing it. We're getting ready!!

I had a dream that the babes was born and she was the cutest thing ever (obviously this dream will be coming true)!!

ALSO - SIL found out she's having her 2nd boy!! I'm way excited. Sadie's going to have a best friend who will be in the same grade as her!! It's fun to think that they could have the same teachers/be in the same classes growing up. I am dying to know what this little guy is going to look like. Will he look just like his big brother Ben? I'm also sooo excited for them to pick out a name, although I'm not sure if that'll be chosen until they're at the hospital.

My other SIL who is due 2 months after me still hasn't chosen a name for her baby girl either. I commend those who have better things to do with their time than think about baby names all day. Though I love that we've been able to call Sadie by her name for the last 20 or so weeks.

Ok, on to the bumpdate:

How far along? 34w5d
How big is baby? This week baby is the size of a butternut squash. 
Total weigh gain? Um. I'm just going to say maybe 25 pounds? I'll try to remember to weigh myself tomorrow.
Maternity clothes? Yep. Seriously trying to get away with not buying anything else. That might be hard.  
Stretch marks? There might be 1 right above my belly button. I might be in denial about it.
Sleep?  Last week I said that pregnant people who claimed not to sleep were crazy - Or something along those lines. And then that very night I had the worst time sleeping. Yep, I jinxed myself.
Best moment this week? My coworkers through my a surprise shower at work today! It was amazing and totally unexpected! They are the best ever! I think I might still be in shock. I must be more out of the loop than I thought if they were able to plan that without me finding out! I can't wait to return the favor one day!
Miss anything? I miss not having to pee every 10 minutes :)
Movement? Yep! Matt and I think it's so funny when we're laying in bed and you can see that she's clearly just on one side of my belly. Also I've noticed some very pointy body parts pushing out that I can only assume are elbows or knees!
Food cravings? Nothing today!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope - Not unless you count when I got my flu shot yesterday and the nurse injecting it said (as she was injecting it), "if you have any fever or vomiting you need to call us right away!" I wanted to ask if she could suck the vaccine back into the shot because I wanted to opt out at that point. Y'all know my fear of barf. I think it was in my head that I was queasy for a while after that. She said if I were going to have adverse reactions it'd be within 24-48 hours. So far so good.
Gender? Baby girl!
Labor signs? Nope - I was a bit crampy after I had my stomach squeezed by the doctor yesterday, but seems to be gone today.
Symptoms? My bladder. The poor thing. I can't drink any water before going to bed otherwise I'll be up and down all night. I have heartburn and my belly button area hurts... Oh, my hands hurt too. Especially in the morning when I wake up. My mom says I've dropped, but I don't notice it. I'm not sure if I would notice it or not.
Belly button in, or out? Weird, but it's been pretty flat lately. I haven't noticed it poking out too much.
Wedding rings on or off? Oh they're on. They might not come off.
Happy or moody most of the time? So happy and getting anxious and nervous too!
Looking forward to? We have a kidney ultrasound on Monday. I am looking forward to seeing my girl again and checking to see if her kidney dilation went down any more! We are meeting with the pediatrician office on Friday morning, and Hilary's wedding is on Friday evening!! After that we're just waiting for this baby to be born! Hopefully finishing up on some organizational things here at the house and relaxing (a girl can dream right) with the hubs for a couple of weeks!

Don't make fun of the bump pic this week. I realize I look like I got hit by a train!


  1. You look adorable! I can't wait to see nursery progress pictures! That's so exciting you have the car seat base installed. I remember doing that and just smiling when I would look in the backseat! :)
    Don't let me forget to bring the dress and RNP Monday evening!

  2. So cute (you dont look like a train hit you)! I am so ready to see updated nursery pictures and I am proud of Matt for learning to do that stuff too. What color did you paint your bedroom? I cant believe that you are 34 weeks already, eek! Just think, if you were me you would be in the hospital in a week and a half, nuts!!! Don't be me though ;) You want a healthy baby!