Monday, October 28, 2013

38 Weeks!

Well my appointments the last 2 weeks weren't anything special. Obviously I was hoping to go in to more progress, but I'm still at what my doctor would call a "1+" and very soft. No updates to effacement the last 2 weeks. My doctor seems to think I'll end up going on my own which is a good thing considering she won't induce until 41 weeks. I will probably have a mental breakdown if I'm pregnant until 41 weeks! It just sounds painful and miserable! :o/ This little girl seems to have her own schedule and although I hoped she'd be here 2 days ago I can't start forcing her to do things she doesn't want to do... yet :) 

I did ask about stripping of the membranes and she said they only do it "depending." She didn't elaborate on the depending thing. She did say she didn't think it would do anything for me right now other than cause me to have false labor contractions!

Matt and I did end up going to L&D last Wednesday (maybe Thursday, I can't remember!!) after I decided that I didn't know if I was leaking fluid or pee. It wasn't either. I'm glad we took the trip though because #1, they say anytime you think you're leaking fluid to get checked out because apparently it's no joke. And also, It was good to have that trial run so I will know what to expect next time when it's really real. Unfortunately Matt was pretty annoying the whole time because he wanted to leave/eat/watch tv. Luckily he has promised to NOT be this way when it's really real. After we saw the doctor they decided that they actually didn't like my BP (too high) so we had to hang around and have my BP monitored some more and had blood drawn for lab work. The labs came back after about an hour and everything was fine so I got up, got dressed and then they immediately came back and decided they wanted to do an ultrasound to check on her fluid levels, which took only about another 5 minutes and were fine.

How far along? 38w2d
How big is baby? Baby is the size of a pumpkin. That's too big if you ask me. 
Total weigh gain? I don't know but if I remember correctly It ended in a 2 last week and ended in a 7 this week. That would equal a 5 pound weight gain in a week and that's something I refuse to believe, especially since food doesn't sound appealing anymore and I basically have to force myself to eat. 
Maternity clothes? Yep, we can be done with them at any time now! :)
Stretch marks? Still slathering on the cocoa butter and bio oil. If she doesn't come soon I'm going to need to buy stock!
Sleep? Meh, it's been ok due to the snoring husband and waking up 6 times to pee!
Best moment this week? Umm... It's pretty early in the week. I can't say anything amazing has happened yet! I stayed up until midnight on Saturday, that's kind of a miracle!
Miss anything? Everything!! I would love a glass or two of wine. I'd love for my hips not to hurt when I'm sleeping! I'd love to not have to pee 8 times a night!!!
Movement? Still getting movement though not a ton. Doctor B says it's fine as long as I've noticed it gradually slowing down, and not slowing down all at once.
Food cravings? Fruit punch. I had some today. It wasn't as delicious as I made it out to be in my pregnant mind.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Yesterday I had a random day of nausea and dizziness. I'm not sure what it was due to, but I feel better today so that's a good thing.
Gender? Baby girl!
Labor signs? BH/not real contractions but ones that are occasionally painful. That seems to be about it!
Symptoms? Peeing 10 times a night, and 20 times during the day! Hip pain, exhaustion with random bursts of energy!
Belly button in, or out? It's flat or out all the time.
Wedding rings on or off? I still have my wedding band on!
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy and anxious. Ready to get this show on the road.
Looking forward to? In no particular order: Watching the Black List tonight! Meeting my daughter some time in the next few weeks!!

38w2d and looking & feeling huge!


  1. Looking ADORABLE! So sorry you haven't been making progress each week like you wanted but never fear, she will come when she is ready! She may not have made an appearance yet because she just isn't quick done baking ;) We are getting ready to watch the Blacklist too!!!! Just finishing up Hostages now!

  2. You look so good! That's a super cute scarf, too!
    Now I kind of want some fruit punch....and I don't even normally like that stuff!